Holding on to My Dreams - The Udik Traveller's First Time in Europe

    "Belgium, I'm coming!" that was what my mind said at that time, yet at the same time, I would leave my family and my lovely country for two months. These mixed feelings stuck to me until I realized that in some way I needed to pass this and gotta make the most of this opportunity. A thing that really pumped me up was that the different cultures and environments. It did encourage me to explore more and to find more what I couldn't find in my country. The first day I landed in this country, Karen, one of my lovely sisters there, picked me up at the airport. Afterward, she introduced me to all of the PA staffs and showed me the place where I would live for a couple of months there and then Karen asked Giacomo (one of the PA staffs) to accompany me looking around how Brussels is like and yeah, he was totally kind. He managed all the metro card and showed me the great places along the way. Until the late afternoon came and I gotta go back to the flat and I slept there in Europe for the first time. Lol :v

     The morning came, the first sun I watched in Europe. Still, I couldn't believe that I could make myself here finally. You know what, it is already written on my bucket list. So, this morning would also be my first-day job at PA international. I was tremendously excited about working there, though I felt slightly wondering about what I would do there. Along the way, I watched people who were really busy with their own businesses. The coolest thing about living here is that the environment was really well-organized. I could really feel how we lived under a rule. What I mean is a rule that has been well-applied by the citizens.

     Once I arrived in the office, I started to work on things by following some of the provided office guidance, and the job I did actually expanded my knowledge beyond my major. Although at first, I would say I got no idea of where I should start then I realized that I needed to start from scratch.  I tried to familiarize myself with the EU and some dossiers they were working on such as anti-microbial resistance (AMR), Palm oil, etc. In short, when working there, I also became aware of the environmental issues, because I was not really an environmentalist before working here. lol

The wishes I put on my bucket list are a kind of commitment that I must be achieved no matter what. Gradually I started to realize that I have checked them one by one. Now, I am positively convinced what will happen next to me, will be better as long as I am willing to put heaven on earth to reach the top of the ladder. In the end, I believe that God is the best planner ever. He knows what's best for me.

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