One Week before Flying to Europe: Tasikmalaya to Jakarta and All the Memories

     Excitement, Nervousness, and Sadness were the feeling I had at that time. I said "Farewell Tasikmalaya!! and see you again in the next two months". Some days before departing to Jakarta, I made a lot preparation and went back and forth to University and PA Office in Tasikmalaya to do a briefing. I still couldn't believe it that sooner or later I would fly to a country that is really far and the culture would be completely different. One memorable thing was when I had a briefing with my lecturer, he showed me how and what to do when I would be in the airport and on the plane and gave me some recommended essentials that I needed to bring. One thing I will never forget and I have been very grateful til' now is thanking to Siliwangi University and PA International in which have brought me one closer to my dreams. Well, let's say that everything has been well-done and well-prepared in Tasikmalaya. 

     While I was on my way to Jakarta for the first time in my life, I did enjoy the journey. My travel experience if you will, is worst because the fact that I have never been to many places as well in Indonesia. Shame on me! haha.. but anyway, I always believe that it's only about time. I even made myself to Europe finally. :) Throughout my way to Jakarta I listened to a summer instrumental music so that the boredom just dissapeared. I spent 7 or 8 hours on the bus and when I arrived in the bus terminal there was somebody picked up that was Teh Cleo. Yes... She is my lovely sister! let's say I arrived at the office already and there was Pak Budi as well. He is very kind and since I started living there because at the office there was a guest room, I could feel the family atmosphere already.

     When it was my first day at the office I met Teh Keisha, A Temy, and A Dito (I always forgot calling him "Pak" Lol). They introduce me to a new thing in which out of my major topics. They taught me Antimicrobial Resistance, Economy, and some dossiers they are currently working on. Since then, I tried to open my mind in which I cannot just be selfish learning only major-related subject. The fact that I needed to widen my knowledge across my discipline subject as well. Finally, now I know that there are some crucial issues such as antimicrobial resistance, palm oil, and economic development in Indonesia.

     The next day, I met Ibu Dewi, Mba Tina, and Pak Yanto. Starting from Mba Tina who helped me exploring Jakarta a little and she helped me looking for some clothes. Bu Dewi and Teh Cleo accompanied me to the Embassy of Belgium to apply for Visa. Pak Yanto was the one who drived us to some places we needed to go. Lastly, Pak Budi who always brought me some food for breakfast and lunch. The best and funny moment was when we went to Karaoke, Teh Cleo, A Dito, Teh Keisha, Bu Dewi and I just had the time of our lives. At the end, I would say they are completely nice people. I even assumed them as my family already. I couldn't express it in words how grateful I am, to be surrounded by people who could change my life significantly and supported me. I am going to remember them for the rest of my life as my life savers.

It's too much to say all of things at the same time on this, but I will reupdate the post to rewrite what I still remember at that time. :) Bye for now...

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