How to Achieve Your Vision

1. Goals
In achieving a vision, the first thing we have got to do is having some goals. By having already set some goals, then you have to focus on achieving them based on your priority. By accomplishing the goals that you have prioritized, then sometime you will not realize you have been going so far and you have been closer to your vision. For some people out there, they often get confused regarding how to create the goal itself. Given that, there are two important things you need to follow.

Make a daily schedule. You have to come up with what kind of activities that you are interested in and match your passion. Always make sure that whichever activities you have chosen must be related to your vision. Afterward, all you need to do is just setting down the competencies/skills you would like to hone on a paper. In short, no matter whatever kind of activities you do as long as those activities are enjoyable, you would feel enjoying the process of achieving your vision.

Create a bucket list. At this point, you need to put some goals down on your bucket list and set a deadline as well for each of the goals. By doing this, it will stimulate you to complete the goals as quickly as possible which make you even closer to your vision.

2. Motivation

The second point to remember is always to stay motivated throughout your life. Stay thinking positively about your life; it means you had better not complain about whatever difficulties you are encountering. By staying motivated every day, you will always enjoy the time and the process of achieving your vision. In their book, Sutanto et al., write, "Motivation is going to reinforce ambition, initiative, and increase the energy to achieve your will. By staying motivated, you are going to be closer to your will. (2013, p. 29)" 

Again, we have another thing to consider that is the way you motivate yourself. Seeing that nowadays the internet has been a part of our life, we could find motivational speeches or audio on Youtube, TedX, Podcasts and so forth. Next, you want to look for some great inspirators who could really encourage you achieving your vision.

3. Take Action Now

One way or the other if you want to go faster achieving your vision, you ought to take action now. As Goe the suggests 'Knowing is not enough; we must apply. Willing is not enough; we must do.'

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