People with high IQ’s are good language learners?


Yadi Supriadi

My name is Yadi Supriadi. I am a college student at Siliwangi University and  my major is English Education Department.

Concerning the given statement (title) above “People with high IQ’s are good language learners”, I disagree because Francois Gouin who was a well-known as a smart person at that time, he tried to learn German, but then he failed to use the language in real conversation because he was too much in the focused mode. Besides, Inozu (2011) stated that “a high IQ was not a requirement for being a good language learner”. Therefore, a good language learner is not considered based on solely the IQ.

A good language learner is those who use a variety of learning strategies. As a matter of fact, being a good language learner is not only about IQ, but practice and learning strategies are the most essential factor to acquire a new language. Furthermore, [a] good language learner is believed to seek clarification, verification, and meaning; ask questions; make inferences; and use deduction (Ellis & Sinclair, 1989; Naiman, Fröhlich, Stern, & Todesco, 1978; O’Malley, Chamot, Stewner-Marizanares, Russo, & Kupper, 1985; Oxford, 1990; Rubin, 1987; Stern, 1980; Rees-Miller, 1993). Thus, a good language learner tends to be an active learner, rather than just learning in a passive way which means they explore the strategies that suits them.

In a nutshell, I understand already that IQ is not only a requirement to be a successful language learner, instead, the learning strategies and hard work are crucial in this case.


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