Europe Through the Eyes of a Dreamer: The Udik Traveller's Unforgettable Journey

"Belgium, I'm coming!" I exclaimed with a mix of excitement and apprehension. The thought of leaving my family and homeland behind for two months weighed heavily on my mind. Yet, I knew I couldn't let fear hold me back from experiencing different cultures and environments.

Stepping off the plane, I was greeted by my sister Karen, who showed me the ropes and introduced me to the incredible PA staff. Giacomo, in particular, stood out with his kindness and eagerness to show me around the bustling city of Brussels. Together, we explored enchanting places that I never knew existed.

As the day drew to a close, I realized that it was time to retire to my flat. Lying in bed, I couldn't help but feel a surge of pride and accomplishment. After all, I had taken a massive step outside of my comfort zone and embraced a new journey. With renewed confidence and determination, I was ready to take on any challenges that lay ahead.


Bonjour from Brussels: Starting the day off right in this charming city

 A city that looks as beautiful as it feels

The morning had finally arrived, and I stood in awe as I gazed upon the first breathtaking European sunrise. I still couldn't believe that I had made it here. You know what? It was already written on my bucket list. Today marked my first day on the job at PA International, and my excitement knew no bounds. Although, I couldn't help but feel slightly uncertain about what the day held in store for me.

When I made my way through the bustling streets, I couldn't help but observe the people around me who were all consumed by their own affairs. But what truly mesmerized me was the well-organized environment of this city, which was a true testament to the structured rule under which we lived. It was evident that the citizens had implemented the rules exceptionally well, and I was in complete awe.

As I took in the sights and sounds of this beautiful place, I felt a newfound sense of wonder and adventure coursing through me. I knew that I was in for an incredible journey, and I was ready to embrace it with open arms.

Grateful for all of the little moments that make life so sweet

Taking a break from work to fuel up and recharge for the rest of the day

The moment I walked through the office doors, I was filled with a sense of excitement, ready to tackle the tasks that lay ahead of me. Armed with the office guidance, I set to work, never imagining that this job would expand my knowledge far beyond my major. At first, I was a bit overwhelmed, unsure of where to start. But then it dawned on me that starting from scratch was the only way to go.

While I began to familiarize myself with the workings of the European Union, delving into various dossiers such as anti-microbial resistance (AMR), palm oil, and more, I felt a sense of awe at the vastness of the world I was discovering. But it wasn't just the EU that captured my attention. While working there, I found myself becoming increasingly aware of environmental issues, something that had never been on my radar before.

In short, this job had transformed me in ways I never thought possible, opening my eyes to the incredible complexity of the world around me. Who knew that this job could be so enlightening?

Feeling grateful to be a part of this amazing team at the PA Europe Office

The wishes I scribbled into my bucket list are more than just goals, they are promises that I have made to myself, and I must achieve them no matter what. Slowly but surely, I began to realize that I have been checking them off one by one, which filled me with a sense of accomplishment and joy. Now, I am positively convinced that whatever comes next will be better, as long as I put in the effort to reach the top of the ladder. In the end, I am a firm believer that God is the best planner, and He knows what's best for me, so I am ready to embrace whatever challenges or opportunities that may come my way.

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