Siliwangi University Invites The Students to Join Mashudi Awards 2020

Siliwangi University in Tasikmalaya, in partnership with the PA International Foundation and the Edgar Brood Academic Chair, held the sixth edition of the annual Mashudi Awards competition on December 3, 2020, to honor the memory of the university's deceased founder.

The Mashudi Awards 2020 competition aims to attract students of Siliwangi University who demonstrate exceptional talent and leadership potential. The competition offers winners the opportunity to participate in a fully-funded two-month summer internship program at the PA International Foundation headquarters in Brussels, Belgium, and provides a chance to travel across several European Union nations.

During the event, Mr. Pradipto Budiman, a consultant at PA International and assistant to the president director of PT PA CSR, shared his views on the competition. "The awardee of this competition would experience how to talk with other people all across the world, and also it’s a way of fostering cultural exchange and allowing the brightest unsil students to experience what it's like living in EU countries," said Budiman. He also provided some suggestions to competitors on how to improve their performance, including practicing their English, expanding their knowledge on global issues, taking action against them, and having a strong vision and sense of purpose.

Several shortlisted candidates for the Mashudi Awards 2020 have expressed their excitement and enthusiasm for the competition. Among them are TJ, AG, and AA, who have all shared their thoughts on the event.

AG, who participated in the Mashudi Awards 2019, expressed his enthusiasm for the competition, stating that he was glad to have the opportunity to participate again this year. He also noted that he is determined to improve in all areas that require fostering, particularly in the interview section. TJ, another shortlisted candidate, has been preparing for the competition by practicing TOEFL test exercises and holding the principle of "jangan menyerah sebelum mencoba" which means not giving up before trying. AA, who was one of the top three participants in the Mashudi Awards 2019, is also excited to compete with other candidates in the upcoming event. She stated that she is prepared to let things flow and is looking forward to the competition.

The official opening for all shortlisted candidates will take place on Friday, March 13th, where they will begin their preparations for the English test, which is one of the stages that they must pass to move forward in the competition.

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