Short Story Writing ~ The Mysterious Lake



Afiya A., Depi M., Silvi F., Silvi N., N. Sindi R.,



SMK Ar-Ridwan Cintamulya



One day there lived a family who lived in the forest consisting of a mother named Ajeng and her son named Joko. They had a pet,chicken,named Lutung.

The next day, the mother wanted to eat rabbit's livers and told Joko to look for them, finally Joko went with her pet chicken to hunt the rabbit. Joko was confused. He thought of killing his mother's favorite chicken to take his heart.

Then, Joko killed and took the chicken's liver and took it home to give to his mother and Joko decided to lie to his mother if his favorite chicken was lost and could be found. Finally, his mother ate the liver and felt that there was something different about the taste. Then, his mother asked Joko:”where did you get these livers?” then joko told what actually happened until finally his mother was shocked and furious at Joko until he hit and kicked Joko out of his house.

10 years later Joko grew up to be a very handsome young man and Joko fell in love with that woman. Joko slept on the woman's lap. The woman saw a scar on the woman's back then he remembered his son,which he beat and the women was shocked. The man asked the woman to marry but the woman thought that the marriage would not happen because he is her son. Knowing that the young man was his son who had been kicked out several years ago by her. Finally, the woman asked the young man for one certain to get married with her, namely to make a lake in the night, until the night passed which the condition had not been completed and the young man got panic until he slipped and sank into the lake he made and his body was not found. The lake was called a lake of mystery.

The moral of the story is that we should not lie to your parents because lying is a sin and will have bad consequences.

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