Love Conquers All: The Tale of Nyi Ronggeng and Ujang at Blue Lake




Irma S., Siti S., Dewi S. R., Nuryanti, Yunita N. S.

Reviewed by

Yadi Supriadi, S.Pd.


SMK Ar-Ridwan Cintamulya




Once upon a time, in a land of rocks, a village called Lisawa sat tucked away in Garela, North Halmahera, North Maluku. In this charming hamlet, there lived a handsome young man named Ujang and a gorgeous girl named Nyi Ronggeng. Ujang had his heart set on Nyi Ronggeng, so he set out to find work and promised to propose upon his return.

Two years passed, and a ship sailed into the harbor. Excitedly, Nyi Ronggeng asked the crew if Ujang was onboard, but to her surprise, she discovered that he was just a "poor handsome young man." Well, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so she married him anyway!

On the big day, Ujang's spirit appeared to Nyi Ronggeng. Thinking it was him, she followed his ghostly figure to a dirty, murky lake. When Ujang's spirit vanished, Nyi Ronggeng jumped into the lake, sacrificing herself because of her overwhelming love for Ujang.

But wait, there's more! As a result of Nyi Ronggeng's love and bravery, the once-dirty lake transformed into a crystal-clear body of water, now known as the Blue Lake. See? Love really can conquer all, even murky lakes!

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