Short Story Writing ~ The Origin of the Blue Lake




Irma S., Siti S., Dewi S. R., Nuryanti, Yunita N. S.


SMK Ar-Ridwan Cintamulya




A long time ago, in the area of Garela north Halmahera,north Maluku, there was a hamlet called Lisawa, this hamlet was classified as almost the entire area consists of rocks. 

In this village, there was a handsome young man called with Ujang and a beautiful girl named nyi Ronggeng. Because he wanted to marry nyi Ronggeng, he migrate to look for work after he was successful he would immediately propose to her.He also meets his lover.

"Nyai, I have something to say" said ujang 

"What's the matter, kang?" said nyi Ronggeng.

"I want to go overseas to prepare for our future,I promise to propose to you if I am successful" said Ujang.

"I will be faithfully waiting for you", Said Nyi Ronggeng 2 years later there was a ship sailing, Nyi Ronggeng thought that there was Kang Ujang on the boat, finally he asked the crew.

"Excuse me, sir! may I ask?" said Nyi Ronggeng

"Yes, what's up?" asked the crew

"Sir, I want to meet my lover? which one is ujang?

"Ooo...he is the poor handsome young man" replied the crew. Nyi Ronggeng was surprised to  hear this.

A month later, she got married with the man. On the day of their marriage, then the spirit of Ujang came to appear, nyi Ronggeng thought it was Ujang, she followed the spirit of Ujang to a dirty and cloudy lake.

Because nyi Ronggeng had been looking forward to meeting him, in that place, the spirit of Ujang disappeared, instead of going back home, nyi Ronggeng jumped into the lake because she still loved him.

The water which was originally dirty becomes clear and bluish. That is the reason it has been finally called the Blue Lake because she loved someone too much, she even sacrificed her own life.

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