English Caption Writing ~ SMK Ar-Ridwan Cintamulya 2021 (XII OTKP)

Caption writing merupakan salah satu materi yang ada dalam Bahasa Inggris. Di sini siswa berlatih kemampuan menulis mereka dalam Bahasa Inggris. Peran seorang guru di sana adalah menjadi seorang reviewer yang bertugas untuk membimbing dan merevisi tugas anak-anak dalam proses pembelajarannya. Berikut merupakan caption writing anak-anak SMK Ar-Ridwan Cintamulya kelas XII OTKP:

The beauty of nature can make us find new inspiration and make us calm in solitude.
~Devi Indriani~

Never give up with the difficulties in life we face because every drop of clear rainwater comes from a dark cloud.

~Junita Anggraina~


One mistake can destroy a thousand virtues, a single lie can destroy a thousand virtues.

~Junita Anggraini~


Do not think of someone's silence as his/her arrogance, it could be that he/she is busy fighting with him/herself.



When everyone hates you and hurts you then say that today is the day of affection, not the day of vengeance and live to appreciate things in life, not to hurt anyone.

~Neng Dewi Sumiati~

One of the reasons we are sent down to this world by god is to protect the nature, not to destroy it.
 ~Niken Yuandari~
 We are striving together, a leader will not walk without his subordinates as subordinates will also be confused without a leader, just like our bodies which will not be able to walk without the head and cannot move without the legs. Therefore, thank you all for being the strivers together and carrying out the duties without complaining about them, I hope that what we do can be useful for us and for others.
~Nida Aropah~

The Earth will always provide all what human needs, but not to fulfill the greedy.
~Nia Nurmalasari~

Problem is a test of maturity. There is no reason to blame others. Fix yourself and become the matured one.
~Fatonah Amalia~

Looking ahead by seeing all the beauty of nature, happiness will surround you, be grateful for what we have done so far by enjoying the beauty of nature.
~Sri Devi Maharani~

Never give up on going forward, people can judge us by our current situation, but prove to them that we can be more successful than those who just insult us, this is the only thing to prove to them that we can, and remember don't get vengeful, just prove it by the success we get one day, give them a sincere smile when we are successful.
~Teti Rahayu~

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