The Pedicab Driver and Kuntilanak

Irfan N., Irfan M., Rahmat S.

SMK Ar-Ridwan Cintamulya
Once upon a time, there lived a man who worked as a pedicab driver and always worked every day. One day on pretty cold night, a pedicab driver was annoyed because he couldn't  get a passenger during the day. Finally, the pedicab driver decided to go home.

Then, on his way back home, suddenly, appeared a woman with long hair said "wow, there a passenger".thought the pedicab driver. Then the woman got on the pedicab: "where are you going, ma'am?" asked him and she replied "just walk, sir. I will you later" replied the long-haired woman.
When the direction led him to the grave, suddenly the woman told the pedicab driver to stop "stop bang" she said. After that, when the man looked at her legs, the pedicab  driver saw that the long-haired woman 's legs  were not on the ground so that the pedicab driver said while shivering."aaa! no Kuntilanak"

The next night, the pedicab driver brought a Kyai and said:"pak Kyai, here I saw Kunti." and pak Kyai replied "so, you see her right here? ". Not long after that, the Kuntilanak appreared and pak Kyai approached her. Pedicab driver said "it seems that pak kyai is communicating with the kuntilanak". Afterwards, pak Kyai said to the pedicab driver "she just wanted to ask you for help". Then, the pedicab driver replied "sure, pak! she asked me for help, so what should I do?". Pak Kyai said "you have to find that was lost near the grave yesterday". "Yes, pak" replied the pedicab driver.

The pedicab driver rushed to the cemetery. After arriving at the grave, the pedicab driver said "it's really a scary place, I must immediately find those hands, otherwise i will be haunted by the Kuntilanak. A few minutes later, the pedicab driver managed to find those hands and immediately went to pak Kyai.
After he arrived at pak Kyai's home and pak Kyai said to the pedicab "burry them immediately!". Then, he burried those hands. After those hands were burried, the Kuntilanak said:"thank you, pedicab driver!". Immediately the kuntilanak disappeared. Since that incident, the pedicab driver started to get many passenggers and was no longer haunted by the kuntilanak anymore.

This story teaches us is that we have to help those who need help.

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