Short News Writing ~ The Chronology of the Fall of Sriwaya SJ-182


Nia N., Syifa A., Niken Y., Resti N., Devi N., Junita A., Suci A., Elis, Eka, Selvi S.


SMK Ar-Ridwan Cintamulya



Sriwijaya Air flight Jakarta Pontianak route with flight number SJ-182 lost contact on Saturday, January 9, 2021 at 14:40 Western Indonesian Time. The aircraft took off from Soekarno-Hatta Airport in Tanggerang, Banten. The aircraft carried 62 people consisting of 12 cabin crew, 40 adult passengers, 7 children, and 3 infants.

The initial information regarding the alleged crash of the Sriwijaya Airplane was knew from flight data Radar 24, the flight data Radar 24 showed the Boeing B737-500 aircraft stopped around II nautical miles from Soekarno-Hatta Airport or over the archipelago of a thousand aircrafts that passed an altitude of 10.900 feet. Suddenly, the plane lost altitude and the speed also dropped drastically.

The last position showed an altitude of 250 feet above sea level at a speed of 358 knots. At 18.00 Western Indonesian Time, the rescue team managed to find cables around the crash site. The team led by National Search and Rescue Agency (BASARNAS) conducted 13 days of searching for debris and plane victims. During the three days of searching, the divers team managed to find a black box of flight recordings or Flight Data Recorder (FDR) which was an important object on the plane that recorded all conversations of the victims.

During the day of searching, the Disaster Victim Investigation (DVI) team, the national police, the health center had received 155 body bags, while the number of victims who had been identified were 12 people in the end, the plane allegedly did not explode and the engine was still alive, it was stated based on the fact that the plane was recorded at an altitude of 250 feet before the contact was lost. After observing Andi Iskandar Yusuf's flight, he suspected the crash was caused by the elevator.

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