Opportunity Does Knock, But Once!

"Directionless" was the best word that could describe myself when I studied at vocational school, an institution founded not that far from the place where I live now. Frankly, that was a tough time to me, I hadn't found who exactly myself was at that time. But then, a light-bulb moment came when I started my study at a second grade level, while I just daydreamt about how my life would be like in the future and I started to realize (the light-bulb moment) that I couldn't just lay down in my bed, staying every single day in a comfort zone, being in a boring life and lifelessness, then I decided to discover my true self, then I felt extremely motivated and enthusiastic when I was trying to find what my goals were, what my vision was, where I wanted to go at that time. Stacks of books had been read, hundreds of hundreds video had been watched, and I tried to push myself learning all subjects at the same time, watching motivational videos, listening to motivational audios and even crazily learning some languages simultaneously. It sounds really out there, but that is my true self at that moment. At some point, I realized that is too much so that I decided to start improving the English first before I went on to the next language, year after year I focused on mastering this language and finally in 2016 I got a significant progress with my English. Even when I graduated from my school, the only higher grade in my grade report was English.

Well, at that time I was really determined and I knew definitely where I was going to go on with my life that was going to University. Some time I reconsidered to go to University, I knew that going to university is not as easy as pie, it was very costly. So, at that time I came up with an idea that was applying for some available scholarships and I applied for some scholarships such as Monbukagakusho and Bidikmisi, but It was failed because I failed in the exam and also failed on selection requirements. That was the moment when I had no clue and  got stressed out where I should go, what I was supposed to do, how I could get out from here. Finally, the only way I could do was preparing some plan B, plan C and so on.

Right after one month passed by then I decided to go backpacking to Singapore. Futhermore, I saved some money to prepare for some backpacking gears. After a couple of month, I got ready for everything eventually. The night before 1st of September, I talked to my parent that I needed to go out from here, one main reason for this was because I didn't want to be a burden for them and I had got to be independent. What was their reaction of the decision I made? My parent were shedding any tears knowing that kind of news. That moment was really tough for me. Besides, I do love my parent, so I cancelled it. The plan B was completely failed.

As I already cancelled the plan B, I moved on to the plan C that was building my skills, personal branding, creating a vision, setting goals and also going on learning some languages. It was not easy though to manage all of my life in details and I stayed motivated by watching motivational videos. Starting from September 2016 until July 2017, I did lots of things such as guiding my foreign friends from other countries, being a private English teacher, and so on. In May 2017, I applied for a scholarship again and I had to take an exam to enter the University. After a couple of months, i checked on the website and I was a bit not confident that I wouldn't be accepted again, but it turned to be a surprising news that I had been accepted in Siliwangi State University. I couldn't believe it at that time and I told to my parent that I had been accepted at this institution. My parent and I were totally grateful of this thing.

From that moment and on, I started to believe that if we did the right things, even though I had a gap year not going to University, but I used that time to build my quality. Most important lesson I got from this is that to take every chance that comes to you and don't miss it. Simply I would say "Opportunity Does Knock, but Once!

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