One of The Best Sundanese Food in Indonesia: Batagor


Usin, Fajar N., Andi R., Ikhsan P., Fitria R., Carissima A.


SMK Islam Paniis



Batagor (Abbr: Baso Tahu Goreng) is a traditional food from Bandung that adapts the Chinese-Indonesian style and is now known in almost all parts of Indonesia. In general, batagor is made from softened tofu and stuffed with a dough made from mackerel fish and tapioca flour. contains omega 3 fatty acids, vitamin B12, and selenium. Besides the benefits, batagor also has a side effect that can make the body fat.

Batagor began to appear in various cities in Indonesia in the 1980s, and is believed to have been first made in 1968 in Bandung according to the story, Batagor was first created to save meatballs, meatballs that did not sell out.

Omega 3 fatty acids have many benefits, namely maintaining heart health, maintaining eye health, maintaining bone health, reducing heart risk and much more, while the benefits of vitamin b12 are helping the formation of blood cells and preventing anemia, prevent osteoporosis, reduce the risk of dementia, prevent disability birth etc. and the benefits of selenium are to ward off free radicals, increase body immunity, reduce asthma symptoms, support thyroid health and function etc.

Consuming batagor too often can make the body fat because this food contains a lot of fat and calories. looks smaller, plus if we rarely exercise as a result, maybe we will be surprised when we see Kuta's scales rise dramatically. So, being fat is the result of a combination of eating a lot, less physical activity, and also hereditary factors.


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